Monday, January 11, 2010


Yes, I think everyone enjoyed Christmas! Hunter my youngest nephew really enjoyed the wrapping paper and boxes! Yum, paper! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas tree

My faimly finally got the Christmas tree up! I just had to tell some body so heck, why not the enternet!


Yea, the first snow happened two days ago! Trust me, it wasnt much but hey still s few flakes! And it is better than blizzards, put I wannt to dig a tunnel! I cant wait until the snow gets deep enough!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving all of you people! I get to be a reporter this thanksgining, you know my school assignment! YA!!!! NO SCHOOL!!


Sorry I haven't wrote on my blog in forever! But anyways I ran four miles with my friend! The three mile run (5 K) was around my small town. When we ran we passed by my 4-H group, handing out small cups of water. My friend carried "gold" which was pepper spray. Actually, I was kind of glad she took it.... The one mile was incredibly so easy! It was like a trip to the park next to the three miles!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hey People! I can not wait until tommrows hunting trip! I will most likely post pictures tommorow1

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am typing this because of another update, turns out i have another cousin staying the night... uhh
This is the last night of the cousins, for this week anyways... After two cousins were here one left sick, the youngest one.. But my other cousin and I had fun we ate pizza ice cream and played wii sports! After we played wii sports we did Mario Kart and wii Fit, my wii fit age was six years off! lol... She slept up with me because if she went to sleep on the bottom bunk she would have a dog laying on top of her! I will see them again next week hopefully the little one will get better!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The cousins are here

Today I have two of my cousins out at the house... I will most likely update pictures later, So we are going to watch the two girls for two weekends! Grrr.....

DONE! well now we are...

OK after this happened a very long time ago like a month, (long time for me) this happened. Our front porch sagged and now we just got finished pouring the new concrete in. Nobody has a picture of it yet but I will try to update a picture... The "new" porch is going to be a three season porch! I cant wait until we get the windows in!


How you use the fishes on the side

OK, my friend called me because she didn't know how to use the cute little fisheys on the side... You just click and fish food drops you can guide them around with your mouse... Only there is one problem with it, I have a white fish on a white back ground... I mean hey I got to pick the color of the fishes but there is an invisible fish out there!!! lol.

for my mom

OK mom this is the last pictures of your garden it the summer! I am doing this for you! We had a nice summer and my mom hasn't been so happy about winter coming.. So each time we go down our driveway she complains about winter coming, then like always, my dad changes the subject quick! If he doesn't we'll have to hear about for like a week... The other half of why I am doing this is because I am bored!!! All we have got is rain, so I kinda share feelings with my mom about it getting colder each day.....

Turkey tonight!

My dad plans on butchering three of these birds.. Yea I am kinda sad but, turkey is good meat.. Any ways there breed for it. And I don't have to help butcher! YEAAAA! One more thing of good news, for the first time in my family's history we have had a chicken die of old age! Big thing around here considering that our dogs got over one hundred chickens! I guess that's why I named my blog Chickenkill Hill...

Skunked again!

Uh... My dog got skunked again! I thought by now he would know to stay away from the black and white kitty cats! lol. My dad tried only one thing I didn't that I didn't think would work at all, He sprayed the dog with febreze while chasing him all
Over our garage... lol! Well I thought that was pretty funny but my mom didn't... Well at least the garage smelled good for a while...


We took a ride on a little train... It was really cool, the track went about for five miles, including some tunnels, a station, And train cars. I think my family had a really good time on it. But my nephew, he just turned five, he talked the whole time.. lol. He really enjoyed every thing expect the tunnels, he held my hand and wouldn't let go... :) We went two times around the track then after that was done we headed down the the roundhouse. Him and another kid rung the bell on a train in there the whole time... My other nephew that is six months old was very cute too (like always) .... I love them both!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009